Worlds Performance Order Draw Results


We are proud to announce that the Aviator Allstars Aces will be competing 17th in the International Open Coed 5 division and the Ladies of Aviator F-35 Lightning will compete 3rd in the International Open 6 division. We are proud to be representing the UK at the USASF World Cheerleading Championships later this month! Thank you to Future Cheer and the British Cheerleading Association for your support. Can’t wait now! #theroadtoworlds #backthebritish #usasf #avdoworlds #avontour

You can watch the recorded live draw here

What Cheerleading Means To Me

Written by Del Fadipe, Celtic Aviator Athlete.

I have always thought that cheerleading was strictly a feminine sport so I thought I would give it a chance by joining the Leeds Celtics CO-ED team. Ever since I joined the team,  cheer has made a massive impact on me. Most people would think cheer is an easy sport that anyone could just join and instantly be a pro at it but turns out it isn’t and found this out the hard way! 

Before awards

Before awards

Don’t get me wrong the cheering atmosphere is always amazing because everyone is always excited and friendly towards each other, which in my eyes is just amazing. When I first joined cheer I’ll admit that I joined for the wrong reasons but now I can’t get enough of it. Now I am very proud to call myself a cheerleader, in the words of my team mate Elliott “I love cheer”!

Lifting the trophy high

Lifting the trophy high

I am very thankful to be part of the Leeds Celtics cheer team, I see this is a big honour and I massively thank everyone for welcoming me into the family with open arms…I have grown to love every single one of you and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

With the National Champion Banner and Trophy

With the National Champion Banner and Trophy

Celtic Aviators at ICC Nationals


Celtics and Carnegie Awards ICC Nationals

Celtics and Carnegie Aviators Awards ICC Nationals

Written by Chloe Boston, Celtic Aviator Athlete.

The weekend of the 29th and 30th March meant a lot more than just the end of a long, deadline-filled term for the Leeds Celtics Cheerleaders, but the culmination, a final showcase, of all we had achieved in our long training sessions since the beginning of October. ICC Nationals had finally arrived – the competition that marked the end of our competitive season as a university team.


Our two teams had placed well at both Future Cheer’s ‘Saturday Night Fever’ in Bath and JAMfest Northern in Blackpool, so we had high expectations of ourselves for our final competition and final chance to perform the that routines we had worked so hard to pull off. The pressure truly was on.


Saturday arrived and with it, a late departure from Leeds. Co-ed and All-girl arrived in Nottingham to the fantastic news that our Pom dance team had put out a well-executed routine – a brilliant start to our competitive day. All-girl chose to enter Nationals in the University All-girl level 2 category, a level we had excelled in before, with the sole aim of hitting a sharp, extremely clean and visually impressive routine. Co-ed decided to enter the University open level 6 division, meaning more adventurous and difficult stunts and tumbles, a step-up from their usual level 4 routine.


Bows in our hair, glitter on our eyes; All-girl were up first. In all my years of competing in team sports, I have never seen a team face so many obstacles in the form of injury, illness and unexpected drop-outs. This team worked solidly through it all, even when two flyers had to be replaced the week of Nationals. All-girl had a lot to prove as we’d won Grand Champions at Future Cheer, so as we headed down to the practise mat, we knew we had to hit a perfect routine.


All Girl ICC Nationals

Celtic Aviators All Girl ICC Nationals

Having stretched and warmed up our stunts, we headed onto the mat hand-in-hand with our heads high and pulled out a really successful routine. We came off that mat feeling proud of ourselves – skills we’d struggled with at training had hit well, our flyers and bases fought for their stunts and everyone did our team proud.


We had so much fun watching the Leeds Met Carnegie Aviators put on an equally impressive performance as we sat at the front of the mat with Co-ed to cheer them on. Not much of a uni rivalry between cheer teams as we are all part of the same family really!


Carnegie ICC Nationals

Carnegie Aviators ICC Nationals

Co-ed performed last and really executed their level 6 routine well – there were difficult tumbles from the majority of the team, as well as a few single based stunts. They really threw everything they had into their routine, and we went back to the hotel very happy with our performances.


Celtic Aviators Coed ICC Natioanls

Celtic Aviators Coed ICC Natioanls

The second day of competition really was the clincher; however, as neither team knew how they had placed the day before and it was our last chance to wow the judging panel. All-girl went out fiercer than ever; our stunts may not have been as tight as they were the day before but our last performance together as a team this year was more than just a routine, we put on a show. The energy both on the mat and off of it was insane and there were definitely some tears afterwards. As final year Natasha Clancey put it, she was “incredibly proud of all my Celtic sisters who killed it at nationals this weekend!… we’ve fought through every setback together and brought home a ton of trophies! Gonna miss the strongest, most dedicated, fierce girls I’ve ever met!


All-Girl and Co-Ed in their pre-competition huddles

Celtic Aviators All-Girl and Co-Ed in their pre-competition huddles

Co-ed came out onto the mat on Sunday evening looking stronger than ever; they seemed ready to top what they had achieved the previous night and their opening of the routine had the entirety of Celtic All-girl and Leeds Met Carnegie off of their seats to cheer Co-ed on through the rest of their routine. Unfortunately, the risky side of cheerleading showed itself and Co-ed’s routine was stopped due to injury. After a few nerve-wracking minutes with one of their back spots on the floor, she was able to walk off of the mat (without a stretcher) to applause from the whole crowd. Co-ed then began to prepare themselves to perform again. It is at times like these that the strength, determination and dedication of our coaches to both teams shines through: one of our main coaches, Tim, was able to step in to replace her and perform Co-ed’s routine with no time to prepare. With his help they pulled a second show-stopping performance out of the bag. IT was even mentioned on twitter:


@GSweeting tweeted, “@LUUCelticCheer’s coach stepping in for their hurt athlete is true showmanship well done @AV_Allstars


@Laura1Jackson “The @LUUCelticCheer coach is an absolute legend! @ICCheer amazing support for his team!”


All three teams sat side-by-side for the results; All-girl placed 4th out of 10 teams, Co-ed placed 1st and our Pom Dance team placed 6th. This past weekend can only be described as an overwhelming success for Celtics, and we’d like to congratulate the Carnegie Aviators on coming 1st in their category too. This has been one of the most successful years for the Leeds Celtics Aviators and I hope to see all three competitive teams winning trophies again next year! I can honestly say that it has been a pleasure training with All-girl this year; we’ve upped our game and upheld our reputation from last year to prove we’re going to keep winning those trophies.


Big thanks go out to our coaches at AV; Tim, Rachel, and Tats for their support, keeping us calm off the mat and going wild whilst we performed. Thanks as well as to all the Co-ed girls who stepped in for our injuries and drop outs only days before competition – we couldn’t have done it without any of you.


The Aviators' University squads before awards

The Aviators’ University squads before awards

Celtics Perform at Leeds Varsity 2013

This week saw the return of Leeds Varsity, the annual sporting competition that sees Leeds Metropolitan University and the University of Leeds fight it out across a variety of sports, in celebration of “Friendship. Passion. Pride”. 


The Leeds Celtic Aviators entertaining the crowds – photo courtesy of

This years final, a Rugby showdown at the Headingley Carnegie Stadium, was the biggest event to date, with a crowd of almost 12,000 people! Naturally, entertaining such a large crowd is not an easy task, but 20 athletes from the Leeds Celtic Aviators did just that. With new Captain Eilidh Cornish putting her coaching experience (and beautiful bird front gauntlet) to great use, the group were able to get a routine together in just 2 training sessions. Despite the time constraint, adverse weather conditions and cheeky interfering mascot, the Celtics put on an outstanding performance. The payoff for their hard work could be heard in the great roars of the audience.


Flying High! Leeds Celtic Aviators showcasing their routine at Leeds Varisty 2013 – photo courtesy of,uk/article/Leeds-Metropolitan-Crowned-Varsity-Champions

Online, compliments abounded on the twittersphere, with one Met student even conceding that “the Leeds uni Cheerleaders were better than ours!”.

Although Leeds uni were defeated in the rugby, they fought on until the end, displaying the kind of determination and spirit any cheerleader would be proud of. Coming off the field, the Leeds Celtic Aviators were all excited to have done their bit for Varsity 2013, and continued to support their university very vocally from the stands.


Instagram photo courtesy of Leeds Celtic Aviator Athlete, Pete Shepherd

Onlooking cheerleader Rian Stockton commented: “Everybody worked really well together as a team, making me proud to not only be a student at Leeds University, but also a Celtic”.

Written by Leeds Celtic Aviator Cheerleader, Maya Domb


See the Aviator Allstars in the ‘Momentous’ projection

See the Aviator Allstars in the ‘Momentous’ projection

The Aviator Allstars were filmed as part of the ‘Momentous’ projection. This is a large scale outdoor projection that is set to transform the entire facade of Civic Hall into an animated mechanical clock inspired by Potts Clocks of Leeds!

In front of the building, on Millennium Square, will sit a large-scale winding mechanism and passers by will be invited to wind the handle and see the weights and balances on the building respond, rising upward in preparation for the quarter hour chime.

Momentous is a free event that runs 7pm – 10:30pm on Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th October – Just come along to Millennium Square to take part: Millennium Square Leeds LS2 3AD

On Friday 4th October it will also form the centrepiece of the city’s family friendly Light Night celebrations when the city’s museums, galleries and arts venues are open throughout the evening. The nine hour artwork features video footage of over 1200 Leeds people who were filmed at events across the city this summer.

Momentous is created by Illuminos artists Matt and Rob Vale who have previously studied at Leeds Metropolitan University and University of Leeds and commissioned by Leeds Inspired for Leeds City Council.

For more information see:

Taster session reaches 160 people!


Over 160 people at the cheerleading taster session at Leeds University tonight! What a crazy night for the Celtic Aviators! Thank you to everyone who came to give it a go! See you all on Thursday!  ‪#‎LUUCeltics‬ ‪#‎AVworld‬

AV University Cheer – Fresher’s Fairs, Taster Sessions & Tryouts

The City of Leeds is starting to fill up and you know it is that time of the year again. The University term has now officially started and that means fresher’s fairs, taster sessions and tryouts galore!


The Carnegie Aviators, the cheerleading team from Leeds Metropolitan University have just completed their taster sessions, with tryouts this Thursday (26th September) 6:30-9pm at our Cheer Gym in Bramley. The gym address is Westfield House, Broad Lane, Bramley, LS13 3HA. Levi is arranging for people to travel together so please email for more information.


The Leeds Celtic Aviators, from the University of Leeds are in the middle of their two day fresher’s fair and they have already had over 250 sign ups! They have been recruiting for their two stunt teams, dance and match teams and been having a blast whilst doing that too! Celtics have their Taster session on Tuesday 1st October 8-10pm in the Cromer Terrace Sports Hall and Tryouts on Thursday 3rd October 8-10pm at our Cheer Gym.

Here is a video of the captain, Eilidh getting the rugby boys involved:

They have taster sessions next week, to get involved contact


The Titans from Leeds Trinity University have just had their fresher’s fair today, and were handing out cupcakes to get people’s attention. Fair play! They have Taster sessions on Tuesday 1st October 7-8pm and Thursday 3rd October 7-8pm in the university gym. For more information contact

We will keep you updated, but it looks to be a very busy season for all university cheerleaders in Leeds…and we can’t wait!

#NewSeason #AVworld #LeedsCheerleaders #UniversityCheer

AV travel to the Netherlands

Cupies at ABCD

Cupies at ABCD

  The Aviator Allstars have known, supported and worked with Mayke Bongers and Rob Tonaer, formally of the Sensation Cheerleaders in the Netherlands, for many years. It has always been a pleasure to see them progressing and catch up with them at European and International competitions throughout the years.  

Opening of ABCD - Photo courtesy of Anne-Marie Olçay-Jansen of Cheer News Central

Opening of ABCD – Photo courtesy of Anne-Marie Olçay-Jansen of Cheer News Central

  The partner stunt pair, who represented the Netherlands at ICU Worlds earlier this year, organised an event to bring cheerleaders from across Europe together learn from each other and to help raise awareness of cheerleading in the Netherlands. We wanted to show our support for growing the sport in Europe, so some of our Flight Crew staff travelled to Boxmeer to take part in the event.  

ABCD Event Flyer 2013

ABCD Event Flyer 2013

  Here is a video made by Andy Nickel from Austria:  He is stunting on the right of  the photo below.

Stunting with Friends

Stunting with Friends

  The first Annual Boxmeer Cheerleading Day (ABCD) event took place on the 15th September 2013 at the Sportcentre ‘t Hoogkoor in Boxmeer with 150 participants and 50 spectators, representing 6 countries. The event had two full size tiffin floors and an air track for tumbling.

Highest Basket Competition - Photo courtesy of Michael Rosa and AMC Photography

Highest Basket Competition – Photo courtesy of Michael Rosa and AMC Photography

  They also organised some mini competitions such as the “highest basket toss” for both seniors and juniors and the longest cupie – which our Flight Crew members Emily Clayton and Matt Gilbertson won!  

Matt & Emily - With their prizes for the Longest Cupie!

Matt & Emily – With their prizes for the Longest Cupie!

  “It was a great opportunity to attend due to the levels of ability there, to gain experience from others and also make lots of new friends.” Emily Clayton, Aviator Flight Crew  

Aviators Stunting at ABCD

Aviators Stunting at ABCD

The participation of AV means a huge deal to me and Mayke. It shows how much support and enthusiasm is shared with the Netherlands to make the sport evolve and progress. Not only that but the friendships shared across Europe is felt and appreciated dearly. Being able to function as a middle man between gym’s abroad and the Dutch athletes to let them experience what me and Mayke experienced in our trips abroad makes us proud and honoured.” Rob Tonaer.  

Tumbling at the AV Camp

Tumbling at the AV Camp

  We had a camp the evening before ABCD where we worked with the Sensations Cheerleaders Mini, Youth and Junior teams. We helped them to prepare their stunting and tumbling skills for their upcoming competition in October.  


My little cheerleaders have learned a lot during the training evening with AV. I’m very proud ladies” Kiki Vervoort, Sensation Cheerleaders Coach.  

AV Camp with Sensations Cheerleaders

AV Camp with Sensations Cheerleaders

  “Every single athlete was so enthusiastic and willing to learn – It was fantastic for us to help these young cheerleaders progress and gain confidence in their skills. I can’t wait to see what they can achieve this season. Good Luck!” Rachel Pearson    

Alberto Hand in Hand

Alberto Hand in Hand

  Alberto Pisani from the Federation of Italian Cheer and Cheerdance attended the event too and has written this article (translated to English).   


Thanks everyone for an awesome weekend, we can’t wait for next year!  


If you are interested in attending next year please contact

Summer Cheerleading Camp with AV

August 15-17, 2013
Written by Megan and Skye


We walked into the Aviators gym with a brand new squad, only three of us were returning (Menwith Hill School) MHS Cheerleaders. We all knew each other from school but we weren’t really a squad yet. Coming to camp not only kicked off our season right but gave us an opportunity to get to know our team mates.  

The AV coaches have always been incredibly professional, informative, patient and fun. Everything they taught us from the stretching to stunting to tumbling helped us improve.  Not only did they inform us on proper skills technique, but they made it so much fun for everyone no matter their skill level. Some of the stunts seemed scary but, they helped us through them step by step.


We covered a lot of topics too, including jumps, stretches, stunting, dancing and conditioning. They also taught us about showmanship and how to smile and look amazing doing it all. We left with some amazing choreography and cool stunt sequences.  

They saw in us what we couldn’t see in ourselves and helped us build on it. We walked in there as friends but we walked out as a squad. 

I would like to thank them for everything they’ve done to improve our cheering skills It was an amazing way to start our season of cheer.
– Megan Luhring, MHS Cheerleading Captain

AV Cheer camp was challenging, fun and helpful and was a great way to kick off our season by getting everyone motivated. Thanks for the new material and all the support you have given us. You guys are amazing. We will definitely be back soon!” 
-Skye Tomchesson, MHS Cheerleading Captain

I want to thank you for taking time to work with the Menwith Hill Cheerleaders. It has been a pleasure working with the AV family over the years. I look forward to many more training sessions in the future.”
-Maschil Alexander, MHS Cheerleading Coach